Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Camp.

“Dad, there’s a night camp at school tonight. All my friends will be going. Can I please go too?”

After a minute of silence, dad finally announced the verdict, “Only if you continue to keep up the good performance alike the previous term.”

I had failed to rely on my ears and lamely wondered if it meant a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ The next moment I was in my bedroom packing up my white unwired mp3 player, mobile charger, basketball, eatables and a pair of clothes along with other necessities. I even texted and rang up all his friends to confirm that I was going to be a part of the much awaited night camp.


With the sky so dark it looked as if the Earth had been covered with a moth-bitten blanket. Tents had been put up, a bundle of wood was kept at one corner for bonfire and certain areas had been lit up with focus lights.The entire school campus echoed with the laughter and excitement of the campers. (Yes, campers! ‘Student’ was a regular term and so for this exciting venture we liked to be referred to as the ‘campers’)

Water-resistant sturdy plastic tents were allotted to us to place our luggage as we arrived. Provided it was the first ever night out for all of us, everybody carried gigantic backpacks with them which were stuffed with almost everything they thought they could possibly need for the night stay, from mosquito repellants to nasal strips (which they could perhaps lend to a snoring camp-mate to ensure sound sleep).

Every single person in the premises was brimming with enthusiasm and zeal, so much that the teachers found it rather difficult to get them properly arranged according to their sections. Near about ten minutes of shrieking at the top of their voices finally got the disobedient and hyperactive students to rest as they sorted their respective places.

We were then directed towards the camping spot which happened to be the courtyard of our own school infrastructure. As we sat cross-legged on the pearl white marble floor, forming a giant-wheel size circle encompassing our footwear at the centre, we started off with fun games and tidbit of gossip to fill in the empty gaps.

Having finished with one complete round of antakshari that had songs ranging from fast Bollywood numbers to Hollywood pop chart toppers to even a few Tollywood ones; we started off with a vigorous session of tug-o-war, at the end of which all of us felt famished to the core. Food seemed like the only solution to rejuvenate us now.

The bonfire was then finally lit. Even though the menu was the usual one and limited to fried rice, sweet buns, spring rolls and manchurian accompanied with soft drinks, they tasted exceptionally good. The other possibility is that our taste buds must have willingly accepted all that came our way to curb the hunger.

Post dinner, we got into our night suits and amidst the incessant chatter and thrill, fell asleep.

It was the much needed break from the monotonous schedule that had reduced us to complete dull heads. The next morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise, ready to go on with the usual, only a little more optimistic, fresh versions of ourselves.

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