Sunday, 21 April 2013

A 'HIT' Career Without Hitting The Books!

We all have gone through or are currently going through the lethal phase when we have our brain cells dancing with angst with future concerns (if at all we can envisage a future) and it is of utter dismay when you’re almost certain you’ll end up in a pool of shit. In such distressing moments, the following ever-open-career-options come to your salvage and elevate you from the land of consternation:

Enter the ‘dhinchak’ Bolly-Gully:
If you’ve often been termed as ‘Nautanki Saala’ by your colleagues or friends or been scoffed at by your parents or distant relatives for being the total drama queen or king, you know you’re the perfect Bollywood material (offcourse, in-the-making, though). Sell all your books on OLX and book your ticket to the land of ‘pomp and show’ as soon as possible. If nothing, you’ll atleast end up being an Aftab Shivdesani or a mini Raima or Reema whatever Sen ( I hope  you remember them if at all you once knew them ).
You know this is not your cup of tea when you have to settle being a KRK or Rakhi Sawant replica, though!

The Monk Who Hasn’t Sold His Ferrari:
India being a land of ‘dhabas and babas’, this option can never fail.
You can well pretend like you’ve renounced the worldly pleasures, sprinkle a few of your ‘tan-tricky’ gyaan, get a couple of ‘some-swami-s’ prefixed before your name and drive home in a Ferrari, not to forget your hefty bank balance ( off course, that’s where the swank luxury car comes from). Ah! I call it the perfect life!

Turn a Lyricist:
Songs off late are evidence enough that you can write all the gibberish stuff that strikes your mind, hum it to a peppy tune and bang! You have a blockbuster song to your name. And what’s more once, you’re into it, you can go on writing about anything under the sun- your ‘extra-cheese wala burger’, ‘the pudina in your paan’, the colour of water, all kinds of footwear from high heels to flip flops, hiccoughs, farts, anything and everything, the scope is endless. So what is the wait for, find a notepad and pen from your dusty table and set writing, who knows the next song RK shakes his legs to might be yours.

A Social Activist:
Given the exponentially increasing crime scene and ever-prevalent injustice in our nation, you can as well place a permanent chair at the nearest chauraha from your house; all you need is a large supply of candles and a few jobless people with loud voices who have all the time in the world to accompany you in your protests and this can go on for a lifetime because you’ll probably never find enough strong-willed crowd on your side so you can amend the ways of the system and as the candle blows off eventually, so does the spark in the masses.
But off course you can get yourself featured in the local newspaper or channel in due course and enjoy some easy fame.

And if none of the above careers work for you, you can as well open up a Confessions-page on Facebook. If nothing, it’ll fetch you some undivided and crazy attention, well enough to satiate your fragile ego.

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