Friday, 21 March 2014

Guilty Pleasures.

     Guilty pleasures! Who doesn't have one?! Well as for me, I've 10 lined up here. And many more that I'd rather not mention here! ;)
      So here goes :

1.   How I Met Your Mother. This show sure doesn't fall in the intellectual watch category but I sure as hell love it anyways. Actually no, I freakin' love it, especially Barney and Ted and Robin and Lily and Marshall (wait, did I name all of 'em? Oh yea! :P ).  I watch it every time I can even though I’ve seen every episode more than twice. Such "legen-wait-for-it-dary" drama and lovable characters. Who could resist? Not me!

2.    Karaoke in the privacy of my bathroom walls. I do this all the time. I sing in the shower since bathroom has great acoustics, and just so you know, I consider myself no less than Sunidhi Chauhan in due course. (which is so far from reality, it's even hard to imagine otherwise)

3.   Sleeping till late afternoon. If you're anything like me, your holidays begin after what normal people like to call "morning". This particular guilty pleasure might get me fired from any potential job in the future but hey, I'm not complaining! Twelve hours of sleep is simply divine and those who haven't experienced it are simply missing out on something 'great' in life.

4.   Laziness at its best. One of my guilty pleasures is displaying acts of such unusual laziness that would make you lose faith in humanity. I bat an eyelid and get tired. I throw myself on the bed like I just returned home from war. I use my toes to pick things up and would rather push stuff under the bed than get up and throw it in the dust bin like a normal human being. Call it whatever but I got no shame in admitting I'm one bag of lazy bones.

5.    Watching sappy romantic movies. Be it the same melodramatic love scenes from our very own Bollywood or the 'awww' moments from the videsi love stories, I just can't help watching sappy romantic flicks. Not only do I just watch them but over and over again. Yes, to the point that I can quote them. Watching them so many times usually results in emotional breakdowns.

6. Celebrity gossip. If there is one guilty pleasure that I'm massively guilty about, it is this one. Yes, I admit that I am obsessed with the daily snippets of celebrity gossip. Sometimes, I open laptop and find myself casually checking out the latest gossip in B-town! I find myself unhealthily drawn towards finding out who Ranbir's dating currently or wondering why did Deepika have to get drawn to Ranveer of all the men. You may not find me flipping through the daily newspaper but you sure as hell will find me eyeing the magazine section with deep concentration at my own leisure.

7.   Putting on pajamas as soon as I am home. No matter what time it may be. Even if I head home after college at 12 noon to spend the rest of the day at home, I jump into my pajamas within moments of walking through the door. I don’t care if I have to get redressed in an hour, or even 5 times that day. They’re comfy and that's what matters, right?

8.   Pizza. No, wait, food. Any kind. As long as it tastes good. Anything at all. It's not that I eat beyond my diet. Let's just say I don't exercise enough or rather not at all. Life is short and food is good, that should be reason enough to binge on that extra slice of double cheese burst pizza. Okay now gentlemen, do not disturb. 

9.    Taking extremely long showers. Sometimes so long that my mom doubts I'm taking a short power nap in the bathroom itself. Even if it actually takes me 10 minutes to take a decent shower and soap down, I spend like another 20 minutes adoring myself in the mirror and singing away like a pop diva as the shampoo bottle makes up for the mic. 

    10.    Choco-lava. I often sneak into the kitchen when no one's watching and treat myself                   to an entire bar of utterly tempting chocolate. My love for chocolate dates back to                     when I was an infant and to this day this love has just grown over the years. Once                     gobbled up in my mouth, it melts away like heaven. Yummmm! *mouth watering*

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