Sunday, 29 December 2013

2014 - A Fresh Start!

As another eventful year comes to an end,
There are innumerous things I wish I could mend,
Couple of situations I want to rewind,
Few answers I regret I couldn't find.

360 days when I didn't thank God for His kindness,
And mere 4 days when I prayed to him out of selfishness,
Few mornings when I woke up to praise the sun shining,
Rather more such morns when I dragged outta bed, 

Seldom were the days when I regarded 
others' sorrow above my laments,
& even fewer the days when I thanked my parents,
Never on a winter eve did I think 
of the unfortunate as I put on my fur jacket,
& hardly a day when I thought of the handicapped 
as I held my tennis racket.

But as the approaching new year stretches out to me,
I firmly hold its hand with new zeal and glee,
'coz what I'd missed last year due to life's mess,
I wouldn't this time so there's more of joy 
and regrets less.

- Pratidhi Chowdhury

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