Thursday, 18 April 2013

As I Put My Foot Forward...

As I stand on the verge of shedding my ultra protective shell, geared up to soar out in the supposedly big bad world, there are a lot of things that bother me. Months back it seemed like an exhilarating venture, something like Alice in Wonderland, but as the clock ticks by (which happens to be unusually fast now that I want it to slow down) it appears more like a poignant idea. The mere thought of breathing in a different land alienated from my parents, clouds my mind with innumerous qualms and unanswered queries. Growing up in the shielding cocoon of parental care for seventeen long years has seen me build million castles in the air, but as the Utopian bubble bursts, I’d be left all alone set out to decipher the mysteries of the mean world that lies ahead. It is one of those times when inadvertently create stress in our lives by making the mistake of underestimating ourselves. I need to remind myself that I’m a competent, bright person who’ll find a way to rise to the occasion, whatever the occasion happens to be.
I know Life is hard but the only way I know you can get through it is to work hard. Yet I can work hard, do my best, achieve, compete, pursue dreams, contribute, give back and all the rest without becoming a stressed-out, burned-out monster. I can do all these things and a lot more while keeping my perspective, having my share of fun and most importantly, laughing it all the way.   
So, however terrible the voyage might seem at the outset, as time flies, I’m sure the dire phase shall pass too, leaving behind only pleasant reminiscences and worthy lessons learned. Or who knows, it might be some remarkable fun from the very beginning.
What life has in store for me will remain ambiguous until I start my journey and fish for it. So I put on my haversacks and get trekking in the rugged topography of Life, only this time without the harnesses.

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