Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Weighing the Pointers!

Life of an engineer, as we know, is a non-stop slogging with a larger than life syllabus, coping up with plethora of tests, projects, assignments, mid semesters and lots more stuff to deliberately make life tough, not to mention the October humidity to drain us of all our energy. Meanwhile to make the situation even worse and to add to the heat, the ever so considerate RGPV decides to declare (*trumpets please*) the semester results. Perfect, right? Duh!

Now while the 8-pointers and 9-pointers (Read : ‘book-a-holics of the class’), precisely a bunch of ever complaining students whine about a loss of mark here or there and how they could have landed another A+ in their report had they not missed out on a certain blah term in a certain blah question, a fairly large crowd of students are all smiles about how bunking lectures and hours of ‘chhole samose’ & gupshup sessions at our very apna canteen got them through the semester without much of a headache. A curse or two about low sessionals is heard in almost every department, and some drooping faces spotted; as for those who scored well above average, the demand for ‘treat’ is at an all time high; and for those who scored well below average, well, let’s just say they’re busy arranging for previous sem papers and Shivani (yeah, like you thought we study from the books) to keep their slates clean of the ‘F’s as they move on to the next semesters. As for those looking for a valid explanation for their indifferent attitude, a single piece of paper can never determine your future, can it? *winks*

So here’s to another rocking month. Bring in the winter mood, spread your waistlines a bit and chill out in your couch till the next semester result! 

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