Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dose of Humour!

As a 1st year engineering student whose semesters are about to commence in a fortnight, it has been pretty difficult to find time for my blog. And even if I somehow manage to squeeze out a little time by giving up on watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, which has become a part of my schedule now, I just don't wish to put up something on the blog unless it's something absolutely brilliant to make up for the fact that I haven't been posting enough lately. And so I drop the idea of posting anything at all, because to be honest, I'd rather be lazy than stupid. And since I love you too much, hypothetical reader, to not put up anything at all, here's something that I managed to bully Varun Singh, a friend into posting for this blog. He in turn has put me on gunpoint and asked me to utter sweet words of appreciation and gratitude for the same. So, well this guy is a blogger too and has been a real sweetheart for agreeing to write a guest post at once without much convincing needed (all of which by the way, is true and would remain unchanged off the gunpoint too.) You can find more of him on his blog 'Simply Said'. And as for the post, well, let it speak for itself!

Here it goes :

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