Saturday, 7 March 2015

A New Beginning.

She was upset, incredibly down. There was certainly something that stung her. But a woman’s heart is one secretive closet, indeed, you never know what’s being piled up in there until you acquire the key to the closet. Lost in thought, she carelessly lay on her messy bed in sheer darkness, staring at the blank walls through her sleep deprived puffy eyes. Darkness no longer scared her, she was accustomed to it now. Sleep had abandoned her long back, all she was left with were memories-memories which she held very close to her soul, memories that she could survive an entire lifetime on. Her mind bore complaints which the heart refused to acknowledge, and her heart carried anguish which the mind failed to reason. Selflessness had taken over all self-centered concerns. She had loved, lost and been abandoned. The healing touch of Cupid had deserted her. Now she was just a lifeless soul, dragging it through life. Everything seemed to have reduced to materialistic and obsolete for her, words didn't carry meaning and emotions no value. Hurt as she was, pain no longer had any effect, she had grown completely numb.

When she’d lost all hopes of mirth and joy, left with absolutely no valid reason to survive, she walked through the small door into her room, to breathe in the lingering scent of tender, love and care; and to touch infinite memories that the walls held - memories that the she had cherished, some priceless instances that never faded with time - her first step, how after countless loops of stumbling and falling she finally made it. Her first word, and how it had Maa’s eyes brimming with tears, tears of joy off course. Plethora of such moments, her first crush, those sleepless nights before the final exams, the sigh of relief when her efforts finally paid. All those vivid memories just seemed to strike back at her at the moment. For a while, she almost left behind her worries and embraced her lovely childhood, those good old days. Ah! Childhood memories do strike a chord in us, don’t they?

It was in that moment that she found complete bliss. She was ready to make her way back into the world. That was her moment of optimism. Her face now wore a pleasant tranquility, her eyes sparkled with aspirations many, and her heart - just bore the strong urge to love and be loved. She once again stood up like the brave tigress she once was, now only stronger and more prepared to face the world. She smiled and her smile was the proud assertion of her faith in herself. She was ready to conquer the world this time.

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