Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fight, it's good!

There are those love-some, ravishing days that are welcomed by all and then the hideous ones involving meaningless grilling arguments and hours of fights. This pretty much defines almost any relation.  However, lasting are only those that sail through smoothly despite all the turbulence. Conflict is a natural part of having an intimate bond. The bumpy road of heated discussion followed by repair is the route to a deeper connection. As you come back to each other after a fight, with words of contrition and forgiveness, you often strengthen your relation in due course. Fights can be good, they can allow you to discuss problems and resolve issues; however, letting what irritates you simmer until it boils over into a big argument is never healthy. Therefore it is best to speak up and maintain complete transparency, convey what disturbs you and let the other person know what is keeping you low. It is only then that a mutual settlement can be made, keeping in mind the best interests of both and a fresh chapter be unveiled in the book of life.

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