Friday, 6 September 2013

Teen Teen! :D

I love being a teen. Then again, sometimes I hate it. I am often enthused but at times apathetic. Occasionally I have a vision and purpose, but other times I am totally confused. Sometimes I am nice but at times I can be quite selfish, even a real jerk. The first time I had a real crush was in my teenage; It was also the first time I flunked a test. At times I'm confident but then again a lot embarrassed to quite many times. I may jump with exhilaration on knowing I've got a call, while there have also been times when I snore away while my phone vibrates its way to a low battery. I fret over a broken nail but can be absolutely cool about lost class notes. I do a spontaneous jig, get real destructive and evil, hum a tune all day long. I turn red when I blush, green when envious and experience examination blues. I watch a movie umpteen number of times only 'cause it stars my favourite hero, I get goosebumps when I'm all alone and I hear a door shut by itself. I laugh till my stomach aches, cry till my pillow wets. I get bent out of shape by little things I'm irritated. I over react, get stressed out and feel miserable. There are moments when I lose my bearings, have an utterly clouded vision, stumble and get down on myself.
I am a Teen and I love being one. Cheers!

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