Monday, 9 September 2013

Hop & Shop Into The Future!

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."

Technological development is accelerating exponentially. By 2030 it will appear as if a mass of dizzying scientific breakthroughs have suddenly been made simultaneously. A number of societal, physical, technological and scientific changes will have taken place-An explosion in world population growth, Changing societal demographics,  a revolution in healthcare,  Life will be pursued within surveillance societies and what not. 
But amidst this cloud of change, if there is one factor of the society that'll remain constant, that will be a women's urge to shop (Men not too behind too). Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. And therefore, Who hath dareth not allow her shop? 
In fact, about two decades from now, shopping will have a new definition with a completely different shopping experience. Constant connectivity, contextual relevance, and a multi-screen world are changing both online and offline shopping.In another seventeen years, this is how the world of shopping will transform drastically:

Bio-metric Shopping
  • Utility shopping will mostly be done on the networks and will, in some instances, become automated as your smart home environment senses the need for everyday items. Discretionary shopping will have become "retail experiences" in themed shops.
  •    Bio-metric Shopping : Plastic credit cards will eventually go the way of the paper cheque, the use of which is in terminal decline. Instead, in the long term, it is likely that you will be able to pay for goods and carry out other banking transactions by having your fingerprints, irises or face scanned.
  • 360 degree views
  •    Products will jump off the screen : Interactive video, 360 views, gestural controls are just a few of the options bringing products alive on customers’ multiple screens. Each digital stride opens exciting opportunities to close the gap between an on-screen image and that experience of holding a product in a store.

Drag & drop-virtual try on

Click click!
  •  Virtual try-ons : Customers may stand before a screen and drag and drop outfits to find out which one suits their personality best. What is more, they may even select the shade of colour they desire to possess the dress in. Not to mention, the ease of not frequenting the trial-rooms.
  • Just a click away : You'll be just a click away from a super market at your disposal. Spend hours categorizing, selecting and rejecting stuff while cozying up in your blanket on a chilly January morning.

  • Accurate Filtering : Confused between user reviews, expert recommendations, online forums, etc? You're a 2030 shopaholic mister! Add as many filters as you desire and successfully land up on the look-alike of the costume Keira Knightly walked the red carpet in! Voila! Thanks to the efficient filter machine that blocked all the spam-like stuff it knew you wouldn't prefer. Smart, eh? Ahaan!
  • Identification via Smartphones : Seems legit! A number of shoppers would love to be identified via their smart phones while shopping at brick and mortar stores.
  • Track of purchasing history : The online stores would keep a track of the browsing and purchasing histories to speed up future shopping.
  • Cloud Processing : When the customer shows a need of a commodity, he raises a request through his integrated device which in turn places a request with the cloud. His request is processed, after which he is suggested a couple of goods that match his requirement. The selected merchandise is then dispatched to the customer's address.

  • Keyboard Cart : Given the changing trends, keyboards might as well incorporate a 'cart-key', on pressing which they's be redirected to their online shopping store they frequent.

As digital weaves itself deeper into the fabric of our lives, smart retailers understand making the most of new opportunities is not about gadgets or technology. It’s about human nature. Forward-thinking retailers will be looking at how they are interweaving digital tools like mobile, context, and video with sales, marketing and customer service. When these things are used well, the technology becomes invisible. Customers simply see retailers as being very good at giving them exactly what they want. And thus another era unfolds...

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