Friday, 23 August 2013

My Man.

He whose eyes sparkle with honesty,
Whose manner is impeccable,
In whom I can confide, 
With no questions, no complaints,
Who could just read my eyes,
Decipher what words fail to convey,
Whose demeanour is gentle,
Whose words are truthful yet polite,
Who could take me in a warm embrace,
And let me pour my heart into his own,
He who could pacify me,
Not by words but mere touch,
Whose heart holds respect, 
Whose deeds display honour,
He, who venerates me 
For my mind, body & soul
Who ensures that my dignity 
Never be compromised, 
Who never forgets that like him, 
I too am an individual,
He who has character, strength 
& an indomitable spirit,

He who is a companion, a friend, a confidant.
He is the man, he is my man.

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