Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rains & Romance!

Rainy season is like inhaling romance and exhaling adventure. The perfect season to date nature! Think rains, and you cannot escape your romantic side being unleashedIt's the essence which rains create that makes you fall in love with it. Whether it's the smell of the first rains that seduces you to pour out your heart's hidden desires for your loved one or makes you take that pen to paper to express unsaid feelings in a poem or unleash your passion on the canvas with colours reflecting the vivid moods the rains get you into. It can make you sit home having hot bhajjias or just simply snuggling up with your love; it can also make you want to go out and get completely drenched. Maybe even make you do a little rain salsa with your love. The thunders, the pitter-patter, somewhere create a kind of music which triggers those rain-songs which have been written and picturised endless times on the silver celluloid screen. So when it rains, somehow those images flash back into our minds and we tend to mirror them. Everything around you looks dreamy. The freshly-washed earth and the glistening green leaves make you want to breeze through life. There's something about the monsoons that makes you want to break the routine monotony and pull back, spend time with loved ones. Enjoy simple pleasures of life such as watch a movie at home, go out for a long drive; or even plain sit on your window sipping tea, having a chat and enjoy the pitter-patter! 
Rains are not only the harbingers of romance, but also romanticism, making it the core essence of the drizzling season. You see the marching clouds, the sea in its different moods — sometimes there are huge waves dashing on the shore, sometimes it is calm again just simply welcoming the rains to fall on tenderly; the sky changing colours, the lightening, the thunder... all these create an atmosphere which don't just bring out the romance, but the romanticism in you. That's the magic of rains. Maybe the way it brings everything on a hold and lets nature play it's part, it definitely triggers your mind to get thinking, being creative, being romantic!

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