Monday, 22 July 2013

Cupid's touch!

            "Even if my heart should call out your name, even if these arms should want to embrace you, and even if I'm all cried out and in pain, I’ll never fall in love that way again."

She kept repeating the same in her head over and over again but all in vain. Saying you’ll never fall in love again is synonymous to saying you’ll never smile again. No matter how hard you try not to, someone is going to come along and make you. Stumbling upon love once makes you wise enough to want to stay away from it, yet as they say you don’t fall in love consciously, it just happens.

Love hurts and scars and wounds but no heart is strong enough to take in that lot of pain. She was no different. Being deserted by the cupid's soothing touch often leaves you in excruciating pain or even worse, all numb. She wanted to deviate her mind and concentrate on things other than him. Yet her freethinking brain seemed more adhered to her heart than to her head. A battle she didn't feel worth fighting. She wanted to call him, tell him she was glad he was there, that he cared and pampered her, but words to him no longer fit right in her mouth, silence was the only acceptable state her heart would grant. He would never know for she refused to showcase her emotions in his presence or maybe she was still uncertain about it. All the words he could have had, all the phrases he might have danced to, the smiles which would have been imprinted upon his heart, would never be. And his lips would never be able to reply to the words she could not say.

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