Tuesday, 13 January 2015

It's just Quikr in Bangalore!

Switching cities is a really tough affair, by the way, for those who happen to enjoy the luxury of spending their entire lifetime in a single city. *sigh*

A new unfamiliar location yet to be figured out, some damaged furniture, a broken crockery set or two, a microwave that refuses to heat your food once it is relocated and much more, all comes along with the package of relocation. And when relocating almost every two or three years is something your profession demands, well let us just say frustration takes the better of you. And that is exactly when Quikr comes to your rescue and restores that sweet smile across your pretty face.

I recently moved in to Bangalore about a month back and the moment my household items were unloaded off the giant truck, I knew things were not perfect. As predicted, history repeated itself and I was left there disheartened and depressed with a broken LED TV beyond repair, shattered glass from the dining table , damaged crockery and not to mention tampered furniture. Almost in tears, I contacted a friend coincidentally in the same city about a few miles away from my recent flat, who advised me to look up Quikr- Bangalore for help. The moment I browsed through the website, I knew all my plights had been solved. This was the ultimate website where finding even or better replacements for my damaged goods would not be a tough task, and that too in reasonable prices and with efficient services (so much Quikr).

I started with ‘Electronics and Appliances’ section and browsed through all the relevant stuff I found there, while applying filters that suited me in order to fetch myself nothing but the best. I then moved onto their ‘Home and Lifestyle’ and grabbed some of the best deals in there, getting my home its perfect decor. In due course, I also noticed that I could maybe sneak a peak into the matrimonial section (winks) or even pamper myself with a furry friend. Amazingly all this and a lot more has the same address : Quikr-Bangalore, where the buyer seller relationship is pleasant and the advertisements seem to have a certain standard sufficient enough to doubt its relevance.

Oh! I also chatted along with a hairstylist at the website and got myself an appointment for a soothing hair-pampering session too and also found some friends among the buyers.

It is really fascinating how in a strange city, I found my distress being soothed at a single destination. Quikr-Bangalore, kudos people! I have truly found a friend in you. Looking forward to much more this year.

I have no fikar, because I have Quikr! #QuikrBLR

Note - This post has been written for a contest by QuikrBLR ( bangalore.quikr.com ) powered by Indiblogger.

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