Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion - Bring Back The Touch

“Never leave a true relation for a few faults. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is correct. In the end affection is always greater than perfection.”

‘I forgot our anniversary’, Ross said.


‘Twenty seven years,’ he added.

Behind him he could hear dried leaves rattling in the breeze.

‘I’m worried about us,’ he finally admitted.

Joe glanced at Ross. At first he thought Joe would ask him why he was worried, but instead he squinted, trying to read his face. Then turning away, he spoke, his voice was soft and low, ‘Do you know what one remembers most about the good days?’ Ross shook his head. ‘No’, he answered. ‘Falling in love’, Joe said. ‘That’s what I remember from my relationship.’ He smiled. ‘Every time I showed a gesture of love, it was like I was courting her, because she would fall in love with me again just like she had a long time ago. And that’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. To fall in love with the same person over and over. And though it has been 7 long years since she passed away, the feeling never passes.’

It was then that Ross knew what he had to do. He had to court his wife again. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But things aren’t always like they seem. Ross and Janet had lived together for decades, it wasn’t as though they had to start over.

He walked across the room and reached for her hand. Janet wondered what was happening. He then pulled her body next to his. He touched her face, then slowly closed his eyes and as soon as his lips touched hers, she knew that it was unlike any kiss she’s ever received from him. It was new but familiar, appreciative but filled with longing and its very inspiration evoked the same feelings in her. It was a new beginning to their lives, just as their first kiss had been so long ago.
NOTE : This post has been written for a competition sponsored by Parachute Advanced Body Lotion. #BringBackTheTouch

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