Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Two People. An Acquaintance.

As he sat fidgeting with the crystal paper holder in his luxurious 
cabin, an elegant teak wood frame hung on the wall caught his 
eye, one that probably outshone all others in its row for it held the 
glossy white piece of paper that defined his worth, the certificate of 
the ‘Young Business achiever- 2011’. He kept gazing at it for a while 
and as if the years rolled back, he could almost see those sparkling, 
innocent eyes, full of belief & hear those confident words-“You can 
do it.” Then it had seemed absolutely impossible even in the wildest 
of dreams but there was some kind of passion in those eyes, some 
unfathomable depth in those words that had brought him this far.

Thick framed glasses right on her nose, her shiny black hair tied 
into a small bun, she paced up and down the room gazing at the 
article she wrote last night, then crumbled it up and aimed a shot 
at the dustbin. To her dismay, it landed inches away from the 
bin. Provided it was her twenty ninth unsuccessful attempt, she 
wondered if the day was unusually hard on her. Just then her eyes 
lit up. ‘Love’, she thought. Yes, it would be the perfect topic for her 
weekly column in the ‘Daily Pioneer’, given it was February, all the 
more apt.
She grabbed her notepad from her study and enthusiastically set 
writing. Writing provided some strange inexpressible joy to her, the 
inarticulate contentment in penning down her heart, she thought, 
was irreplaceable. But rewind back in time, and you would find her 
struggling to derive Einstein’s theory of relativity; then, anything 
beyond engineering was never on her list, until those gentle hands 
held hers and showed her through life, the way she had never 
visualized it. His soothing words, ‘Do what your Heart says’ taught 
her to live life, not just breathe through it.

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