Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Salvation From Boredom!

Things that can come to your rescue when you're all snuggled up on the couch and all you have on your list of to-do things is - Nothing! 

Read a good book.

I, for instance recommend 'Tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom. This beautiful little book will remind you of the importance of counting your blessings daily and having the wisdom to honour life's simplest pleasures no matter how busy you get with everyday errands. A real life account, this book deals with a couple of touching Tuesday sessions between a professor and student. For once, trust me, pick this enriching book from the nearest bookstore and get reading. I bet you'll finish the last page with tears in your eyes. 

Breathe in a bit of nature.

I sound philosophic, eh? Okay I don't intend to, but there is something refreshing about nature that sitting for hours in front of your laptop or the idiot box simply cannot replace. Take a stroll down your garden, admire the plants you didn't know existed, close your eyes & breathe in the fresh breeze. For reasons still unknown, I bet you'll find your worries abandoning you for a moment and taking a stroll down the other lane; and maybe, just for a moment, you find yourself in your perfect world of bliss. 

Make that long procrastinated call.

We all have been guilty of procrastinating a call at some time or the other, maybe not deliberately but we have. So at leisure, pick up that phone of yours, dial that long-ignored number and have a candid chat for as long as you don't hear the short beep reminding you of your alarmingly low balance that gives you a panic attack. It really is comforting because deep down you had lots of stuff accumulated over the months to let out, just a matter of initiation.

Make dinner.

Put on that imaginary chef cap and cloak and don the role of the chief executive chef for dinner at home with some mouth-watering delicacy up your sleeve. Well, you may not be the next masterchef, but crying a pool full of tears as you chop onions and having a tomato slice slip off the working slab as you make the second cut can be hell lot of fun at times. And then not to mention, the sweet teary-eyed smile on your parents' face as you present it before them ( tears of joy off course, and not because you just served them a burnt smelly pizza.) Priceless. Give it a try right away.

Say Sorry. 

I being a human being, certainly make mistakes and at times, simply walk away without making an effort to make it better. You're no different, I bet. So why not, sit back one fine day, brood over all the beautiful people you've hurt along your way and all the smiles you've turned upside down in due course of utter selfishness, and apologize from the core of your heart. It helps release all the heavy emotional baggage you carried around for years. Also, you walk away a happier and guilt-free soul.


Personally, this one's my favorite. But guys, try not to let this one top your priority list. Put all your worries, troubles and stuff that has been bothering you on hold, dive into your cozy bed and doze off straight away like you've been sleep deprived for an eternity. Dream of all the good things you could have done had you not slept, but sleep anyway. Snore. And wake up only when your mom literally drags you out of bed and screams at you for being an obsolete vegetable.

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