Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Loneliness Tells Me...

You’re strong, you aren't fragile,
Get up now, run the extra mile,
Today you may not be the fastest in Life’s race,
But with every second, you’ll improve your pace,
You possess the power to stand out in the crowd,
You have the right, you deserve to be proud,
Shed all fears, go speak out your mind,
To all your questions, go answers find,
Work your heart out, you can reach the zenith,
For sky isn't the limit, it’s just a myth,
You ought to fight if you yearn for the crown,
It’s futile to merely sit and frown,
You need to be resistant & got to be tough,
& if you manage to do so, you’d have the last laugh.

-Pratidhi Chowdhury

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