Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Masked Success!

It hit me hard, it hit me strong,
When I was at a path even,
Seemed to be an unpredictable nemesis,
Generating jeopardy within.

It appeared to be heinous,
An utterly ignoble soul,
It approached me with a fixed grimace,
& all my confidence stole.

Darkness spread as if evil had taken over,
There was an awkward silence,
& no soul was in sight moreover.

I experienced certain dolesomeness,
& felt my life was gone,
Then it strutted up to me, pinched me hard,
I woke up to see morn.

In broad daylight I could now see,
Beneath the creepy mask a noble face lie,
Subsequently turning back to myself,
I simply asked’Why’.

Why had I been so blind,
Not being able to recognize,
What made me stumble once,
Was but success in disguise.

Had I looked for the way up,
Than eyeing the path beneath,
I would not have been
In nadir at present, but in Zenith.

-Pratidhi Chowdhury

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